At the avant-garde of the next generation of design labels,Efasa Moto creates experiences, environments, products that enhance life and enable us to thrive.Born in February 2014 in Dakar, Senegal from the innovative vision of creative mind Mohamed Ndiaye-Kingué, this interior design label takes it roots in new creative territories from Brazilian architecture to neo soul vibes, fashion to African travel, expressive arts to movies.
Harnessing this exuberant creativity through the codes of heritage and craftsmanship to reach new levels of quiet beauty, subtle luxury and breathtakingly serene atmospheres.
“Soothing, Cool, Warm, and Feel so good.”Efasa Moto looks at projects from a physical and emotional perspective, practical and poetic, individual and social.
‘One eye sees the other feels’
  • Influenced by Art Deco

    At that time Travel became popular. African safaris were all the rage and animal skins, ivory, mother of pearl, and tortoiseshell began to appear in the home.

  • The Bachelor penthouse combines luxurious leather couch,a brown sophisticated colour palettes and refined finishing touches.

  • African Bronze Statue

  • Outdoor Living  Delano Hotel, Miami

  • Fernando and Humberto Campana [Brazilian, b. 1961,1953]

  • Beach House Yene, Dakar, Senegal

  • H18

  • Mood Board for the love of Red

    Oriental lines and a Zen theme.This kind of Eastern approach implies cool comfort, loads of space, clarity, low seating, neutral lighting and spare nooks and corners, wherever possible.

  • Manhattan Penthouse with a loft like space infused with light and a wonderful outdoor terrace.

    What is really interesting here is how we get rid of the coldness of the steel and concrete to create a warm, soothing atmosphere.The floor is brown oak from Siberia.The dining wing is composed with a beautiful chef kitchen, a wine refrigerator and marble island counter-top.The french Louis XVI inspiration furnitures are custom made.A leather day bed  and dining room from B& B Italia.